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Customize your wrap.

Chrome Deletes. Roof Wraps. You name it. VISX can wrap it.

Whether you’re wanting a chrome delete or to do a full color wrap print… wait no longer because our wraps are perfect for you. Here at Visx Design & Window Tinting we give you the option of getting creative while also keeping your cars paint job safe.


Vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to spread awareness about a cause, company, or product. We spend a great deal of time on the road, so it’s only natural to try to reach potential consumers this way. With wraps for your truck or car you can have winning advertisements.


Vehicle wraps needs to be bold, visible, and to the point. Other drivers won’t have the time to read lengthy messages. You may also want to utilize vinyl lettering so your message will stay looking great for months and years to come.


With professionally designed car wraps, you will be able to promote your company with great dignity. It’s like carrying your personal billboard everywhere you go. A vehicle wrap effectively grabs the attention of potential customers wherever you go, which will greatly improve your business.


Whether you need quality vehicle wraps or window tinting, Visx Design & Window Tinting serving the Long Beach and Los Angeles area has got your back. Contact us today!

Nissan Gtr tinted by Visx Design & tint

Window Tinting Benefits:

  • Window Tinting Keeps Your Car Cool, Even on the Hottest Days

  • Window Tint Reduces the Amount of Light Entering Your Vehicle and Protects Your car or trucks Interior

  • Your Car Will Be More Attractive, Stylish and Impressive

  • Tinting Shields the Interior from the Sun's UV Rays

  • Windows that are Darkened Offer Increased Privacy

Solar Protection

Stop harmful UV Rays from coming in and accelerating aging. With window tinting, you not only protect yourself against the sun but solar heat rejection helps to keep your car cooler, allowing you to use less AC and saving you money!


Visx Design & Window Tinting uses both Carbon & Ceramic window tinting materials.


Carbon Materials:

The Carbon Series is a “True” Color-Stable film with a rich, black tone. Carbon utilizes the most advanced Dyes on the market. The Deep-Dyed, 2-ply, 1.5Mil polyester film adds in multiple stages of UV Inhibitors during the manufacturing process to insure your film maintains its rich color as the day it is installed while blocking 99% of UVA and UVB rays. This is the film of all Dyed films and carries our Premium lifetime warranty against excessive color change.

VLT’s Available: 5%, 20%, 30%, 35%, and 50%


Nano-Ceramic materials:

The Nano-Ceramic series uses a proprietary, non-metalized, ceramic material that is specifically designed to reject heat, up to 88% of IR and block 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Ceramic tint blocks approximately 50% MORE heat than Carbon/Dye. This cutting edge technology is built into the 2-ply, 2 Mil Color-Stable polyester. This film excels at keeping vehicles cooler, reducing the damaging effects of the sun on the interior, and will not interfere with today’s electronics. Our tint products and installs carries our Premium lifetime warranty against excessive color change, bubbling, or fading. Visx Design & Window Tinting can also tint your entire windshield with Nano-Ceramic window film.

VLT’s Available: 5%, 20%, 35%, 50%, 70%, and 80%.

How does Visx Design & Window Tinting do it differently from competition?

First off, there is no competition.

Visx Design & Window Tinting computer cuts tint for razor sharp edges, we also use LEGIT tint solution for installation (not dish soap which will cause future issues), and we remove door panels to ensure your interior is protected.

Visx Design And Tint Lobby

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Mobile Number (accepts texts): 562-222-5246

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Experience Luxury at a Fraction of the cost.

Enhance your driving experience by adding a luxurious look and feel to your car. We take care of our clients. NEVER install purple, fading, and bubbling tint again. Add a stylish look and UV Protection to your car or truck with premium window tinting services from Visx Design & Window Tinting located in Signal Hill serving the Long Beach and Los Angeles area. We provide drivers, homeowners, and business owners with the window tinting, you need to protect your property's style. We also provide paint protection and wraps. We provide quality window tinting that lasts and professional work. We are also a company that is committed to excellence, we are ready to assist you with all your window tinting, paint protection and wrap needs. Tinting blocks 97% or more of these Ultraviolet Rays. We spend most of our time in our cars surrounded by harmful Ultraviolet Ray.


Visx Design & Window Tinting provides quality tinting services for your car, home and commercial buildings. We have computer cut auto film and offer carbon and ceramic window films, we also offer ceramic window tinting for windshields. The experts at Visx Design & Window Tinting offers you a 100% lifetime guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.

Introducing our newest line of nano ceramic film, FXPLUS.

FX PLUS Series The Ultimate Nano-Ceramic Window Film for Maximum Heat Rejection and Performance!

This Series is designed to be Ultimate window film for High IR Rejection (up to 96%) and Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER). Not only does it provide Maximum Heat Rejection, blocks 99% of harmful UVA/UVB Rays and keeps vehicles cooler, it also reduces the damaging effects of the sun on interiors.
Current VLT's available: 5%, 15%,  30%, 50% and 65%

Solarfx FXPLUS line provides the ultimate clarity of most ,if not all, ceramic brands of film. Compared to 3M crystalline, XPEL, etc, the FXPLUS line blows clarity and performance out the waters. Come check out our heat box demonstration of the film. This is a superior film carried thru VISX DESIGN within miles.

This line of film is not to be confused with a base ceramic tint, but if you're seeking ultimate comfort and quality.

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